photo contest

"Let's discover wonderful people, places and things in Kanazawa!"
We're looking forward to your apply!

<How to apply>
Send your photo by e-mail.(
Please write following information on the e-mail.

1.About youeself name, Nationality(home country/region), Address, phone number
2.Title of the photo The title has to be within 20 characters in Japanese, or 10 words in English.
3.Message about the photo A message explaining the photo (ex, the reason why you took it, why it's special to you, and episodes about it etc.)It has to be 200-300 characters in Japanese, or within 100 words in English.

-Only one photo per participant
-Can be taken by your smart phone camera too, but it should be more than approximately 8 megapixels
-You can't combine or edit the photo
-Photos that you've already used to enter other photo contests or that you sell for business are not acceptable.
-The photo has to be taken by yourself or be with you in it. And you must own all copyrights of it.
-If there's someone else in the photo, please ask for their permission before using it. You're responsible for that.

<Exhibition site>

Date Where Place
October 9th(Sat) , 10th(Sun) 2021 Kanazawa International Friendship Festival 2021 Kanazawa City Hall 1F
October 16th(Sat) - 30th(Sun) 2021 Hon-machi Kouryu Square Rifare 2F, 1-5-3 Hon-machi, Kanazawa City
October 9th(Sat) - 30th(Sun) 2021 KIEF Web site

<About Prize-winners>
-People who visit the excibition will vote for his/her favorite photo.
-And we will give awards to winners who get the highest votes.
-The winner will be announced in November.
-The winner will have to attend the awards ceremony that will be held in November.
-If we can't contact the winner, the prize will be given to runner-up.
-We will officially announce prize-winning photos and use them for our foundation's PR.

<About personal information>
Personal information of applicants, such as address and phone number, are only used to contact you about this photo contest and winning a prize.

Copyrights of the photos belongs to you, but we will use them in our website or brochure for free without your permission.
We won't let you know when we use them on our website.